March News 2018

As we enter March our brigade has been preparing itself for the year ahead, with many of our members continuing their learning by undertaking varying courses. Two of our members gained the opportunity to attend the Careflight Trauma Workshop that was held mid February at Careflight's Education Centre based in Westmead. This workshop looked at how first responders can help sustain life, especially in remote areas. It covered a number of topics and then put into practice with varying scenarios, they also included sound effects.

Arcadia recently assisted Dural Rural Fire Brigade with the start of their Hazard Reduction (HR) preparation, we too have started work on our local area. It is safe to say we have a lot to do. Amongst this we have been attending fire calls, notably a single motor vehicle accident in Arcadia. It serves as a stark reminder to respect the road rules and road conditions whether you are familiar with the area or not. Luckily the persons involved only sustained minor injuries. But the prize for the most unique call we've attended in 2018 thus far has to be awarded to an unruly parrot who decided to tour the Arcadian skies at sunrise. We couldn't help but agree with the bird that that particular morning was stunning, but the bird was safely returned to a very appreciative owner after its escapades.

*Photo credit CareFlight 2018