Barbeque safety

At any time of the year the BBQ is a great occasion for friends and families getting together. People forget the hazards that surround BBQs, and in particular LPG/Natural Gas BBQs.


Combinations of a social environment with open fire or highly flammable gasses could quickly result in severe injury, property damager or death.

Tips for having a safe BBQ.

  • Be aware of, and ensure that you comply with, any fire restrictions that may be in place such as total fire bans
  • Ensure that your barbeque is serviced and maintained correctly including scheduled pressure testing of any gas cylinders and checking of the condition of all hoses and connections
  • Carry out a check of the cylinder for rust or damage and ensure any connections are correctly tightened on gas barbeques before lighting
  • Always site a barbeque on a firm, level base sheltered from wind gusts and well away from anything flammable like garden sheds, vegetation, fences etc
  • Have a garden hose or similar continuous supply of water available at all times
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions and use the correct start up and shut down procedures
  • Ensure that the lit barbeque is in the care of a responsible adult at all times
  • Never put any flammable liquid on a barbeque
  • Keep children away from any barbeque and remember to remove and secure any lighters and matches
  • Only use a barbeque in a well ventilated area as fumes and gases emitted may be harmful
  • If a gas leak does occur shut off the cylinder immediately and allow any gas to dissipate

Fire safety tips

  • Remember that LPG is flammable, heavier than air and may remain in areas for some time
  •  You may want to consider having a fire extinguisher nearby for emergencies
  • Use alcohol responsibly around barbeques
  • Clear the surrounding area of combustibles before lighting a barbeque
  • Allow hot ashes or coals to cool for 48 hours before removing them
  • Home fire safety is important for the whole family and preparation can prevent a tragedy

Information C/- Fire Rescue NSW 2012