Conducting Pile Burns

Residents living in the Arcadia/Berrilee/Fiddletown area are able to remove excess garden waste by creating a pile and burning it. In areas prone to damage by bushfire this is a huge benefit to everyone and it is one of the ways to help prepare your property to withstand a bushfire. Before you conduct a pile burn you need to get an EPA permit from Hornsby council, and during the fire season (generally October to March) an RFS permit is also needed. An application for a permit from both the council and the RFS will result in a visit from the relevant authority to inspect the pile.


If you are in our local area we are happy to come and assist you with the piles you need burnt. Please contact us once you have obtained your fire permit. We will provide you a request for assistance form also to complete.


Where can I get more information?
Hornsby Council Pile Burn Requirements Information

Hornsby Council General Information about fire permits


Please feel free to contact us either at the station via telephone or on Facebook.