Static Water Supplies (SWS)



An estimated 95% of households in NSW are connected to a mains water supply. There are approximately 7% of all households with an alternative source of water such as rainwater tank or bore in addition to the mains water supply. An estimated 13% of households have a swimming pool. 

The Static Water Supply (SWS) program is aimed at identifying properties with a water supply such as dams, creeks or swimming pools, that can be used for firefighting purposes.

In the event of a fire the SWS sign and your backyard pool or dam could save your home.The NSW Fire Brigades has a program to identify swimming pools and other water sources, particularly in bushfire risk areas.

During bushfires, firefighting operations can be limited by a lack of water, due to the overloading of the local water supply or limited water availability. A small I.D. plate with the letters S.W.S. which means Static Water Supply, is placed in a visible location in consultation with the property owner. The backyard swimming pool provides an ideal emergency water supply for firefighters, using small portable pumps and hose lines to protect your home and possessions. Your pool water will only be used as a last resort during major bushfires. The S.W.S. sign is provided FREE.

If your house or property has a water source, such as a swimming pool or dam, you can assist firefighters by prominently displaying a SWS plate at your front gate so that it is readily visible from the road. Your inclusion in this program may assist the Fire Brigade to extinguish a fire that may occur in or near your home or a neighbour’s home or property.

To be part of the SWS program please contact your local fire station.