Arcadia Rural Fire Brigade is situated in the picturesque bushland of Hornsby Shire.  Arcadia RFB was established in 1941, originally part of the 'Outer Sydney Bush Fire Brigade' before branching out to be the 'Arcadia-Berrilee Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade' in 1952.  It was during this time that the brigade was established in Arcadia Park, where it has remained since.  

The role in which Arcadia RFB plays within the local and wider community varies from active fire fighting, to community education.  The NSW RFS and Arcadia RFB are not limited to bush fires.  We attend a range of incidents and activities, including structural fires, motor vehicle accidents, search and rescue, storm damage, and bush fire mitigation.  Furthermore, Arcadia RFB frequently participates in local community events, including the Arcadia Primary School 'Walk to School' day, the Arcadia Markets, and barbecues at our local Bunnings in Dural.

If you are interested in learning more about the history of Arcadia and the surrounding community then you should have a look at the Proudly Arcadia 120 years of Arcadian History page.